WFF 2021: Our Review Of ‘Run Woman Run’

The best films have a great story behind them. It doesn’t matter if that story takes you back in time, to a planet far away, or even in the here and now, as long as it has a strong story it will keep you entertained. Run Woman Run is a film with an obviously low budget, but the story is so strong and relatable that you don’t want to turn away from it.

Run Woman Run is the story of Beck (Dakota Ray Hebert) an indigenous woman who has lost her way. She’s a single mom who has no drive and ambition to move forward with her life, and after falling into a diabetic coma she finds herself at a crossroads. She can continue on the way that she is living, or she can aim higher. With the help of the spirit of a dead ancestor and Canadian icon Tom Longboat (Asivak Koostachin), Beck decides the latter and takes up running, but it’s not an easy path and one she’s not sure she can finish.

The story of Run Woman Run is a touching one that many will be able to relate to. Dakota Ray Hebert runs the show and her strong performance should see her in line for a Canadian Screen Award nomination next year. She plays the role of Beck so realistically that at times you feel as if you are watching a documentary instead of a fiction-based film. You really care for her and want her to do what’s best for herself, yet you can understand why she doesn’t.

While Run Woman Run starts out slow, it builds nicely and doesn’t get distracted by a romantic side story. It’s a touching film about love, family and determination, that has a whole lot of heart.